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The essence of cosmetics, the active ingredient is at the heart of concerns and research of our industry. Biocosmethic, thanks to its experience, expertise and partnerships, innovates and proposes you to enter a world where science, nature and chemistry give life to active ingredients with multiple properties.
In many sights, the encapsulation is the past, present and future of cosmetics. Biocosmethic has established partnerships allowing us to enhance the protection, targeting, safety and the activity of most of the active ingredients. Encapsulation is primarily a matter of specificity, so do not hesitate to contact us to let us know your expectations.
Our vegetable Oils and Butters are mainly coming from plants germinative parts (seeds, kernels etc.), but also from their fruits (almonds, walnuts etc.). We pay a real attention to their traceability and quality in order to bring you various cosmetic properties (emollient, moisturizing, anti-oxidant, ...), thanks to their varied fatty acids and unsaponifiable fractions.
Our Essential Oils are coming as close as possible from their homeland, and are mainly being recognized for their cosmetic properties. They represent a real niche of properties and activities in the world of cosmetic active ingredients. They all have virtues that go beyond their own olfactory interest.
Our planet is not called the blue planet by chance. Life is organized around this essential molecule. Cosmetic does the same, and without water, no emulsion. Biocosmethic believes in different values of water, and offers to combine the plant interest with water, and to open the doors of an essential element to our business, and finally restore the value of this vital molecule.
Biocosmethic also offers other products coming from the world of plant, such as waxes, salts, sugars, powders and other products mainly obtained from plants. Because the vegetable world and the innovation can’t be limited to a few categories, you may find here what could bring your difference.

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